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The classics: fashion pieces you need in your wardrobe

May 13, 2019

Hi everyone,


Are you often standing in front of your closet and doesn't know what to wear? Or do you often wake up to late in the morning, so that you doesn't have time to search for an outfit?  Then it is time to check up your wardrobe if you have these classic fashion pieces below in it. They are easy to combine and you will always look pretty. By the way, I will also show you similar and cheaper ones 😉 So, don't worry.


What you should also do, is to clean up your closet. Sort everything out you don't want to wear anymore or that don't fit right, because you won't leave the house with it. Furthermore, it is easier to find the perfect combination when you have sort your wardrobe by category (short skirts, midi skirts, long skirts, T-Shirts, Longsleeves, Cardigans and so on...You understand the system, son't you 😃) and then every category by colour. You will see, after that it won't take as much time then before to find your pretty outfit for the day.


So now back to the point, these classic fashion pieces are perfect for a business meeting, a coffee with your mother-in-law, a dinner date or a night-out with your girls. Even when the invitation comes last minute you will be prepared for it. I promise.


So check them out. Hope you enjoy them.


XXX Carmen


P.s.: All pieces are linked, so that you can directly buy them. Only klick on the picture. ✌🏻



The classic black Balmain Blazer:

This lovely Balmain blazer is also easy to wear as well as jacket. You can combine it with a skirt, dress or jeans and only wear just a bra under it or a white shirt. But please don't buy it to slim, that isn't pretty and on days you are not felling well, you don't want to wear a very slim blazer. So also, I've added some cheaper and also a little bit longer classic blazer. Because I like to have both, a short and longer version. in my closet.      














 👉🏻 Similar cheaper options👇🏻


























The classic blue Levi's 501 Jeans:

The Levi's 501 is the perfect everyday companion and easy to combine with heels, boots, sandals or sneakers. Choose the blue colour you like the most. If it is light, middle or dark blue that isn't importan. They are all pretty. I prefer a middle blue.














👉🏻 Similar cheaper options👇🏻




















The classic white shirt:

Here you should look for a high quality one that has a perfect fit. Also sweet is with a litte stroke on it. Are you better have one with stroke and one without.



👉🏻 Relaxed fit all white👇🏻












👉🏻 Relaxed fit with stroke👇🏻


























The black pencil skirt:

The pencil skirt is easy to wear the whole year, with or without tights. I prefer a leather pencil skirt, it is more glam and shiny. But sure, it is also expensive. So I added other cute options for you.














👉🏻 Cheaper options👇🏻














The Louboutin So Kate black pumps:

I love these beautiful So Kate pumps and of course the red sole. They are giving the sexy final touch to every outfit, even when you're only wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. But most important for the right pair of pumps is, that they are fitting very well on your feet and that you can walk proper in them. So choose carefully, also by the height of the heel. You doesn't need to walk on 12cm heels.









👉🏻 Similar cheaper options👇🏻













The Cartier Panthère de Cartier:

One day I will buy me this lovely Cartier watch. It is so elegant and timeless and you won't need any more accessories on your arms, when wearing it. But sure, it is very expensive and the price rises every year. For now, I bought me the Cluse La Tétragone watch and I love it as well. It fits with every outfit and it is also very elegant. (perfect for me, because I have very thin arms, the strap is easy to match with the arm).













👉🏻 Similar cheaper options👇🏻














The Burberry Kensington Trench Coat:

The classic Trenchcoat is a perfect companion for some colder spring days or when it's rainy outside. And it looks pretty with every outfit, even when it's a sporty one with sneakers. 

I prefer here the longer version, that the trench goes a little bit over the knees. But you have to choose the perfect length for yourself, maybe when you are smaller then me, the shorter version may fits better. Also important is to choose the right shade of beige that matches your skin colour.













👉🏻 Similar cheaper options👇🏻













A transparent blouse:

A transparent blouse looks pretty with the black skinny jeans or the pencil skirt. With a top under it you can also wear it for a business meeting and only with a bra it looks super pretty for your next dinner date.😉 I choose a few pretty one for you.

























A black skinny jeans:

Always a sexy style with your heels and the transparent blouse. They are pretty with high-waist but also with normal waist. You have to feel comfortable in it.














The black dress:

A beautiful black dress is always the right choice for every occasion but it should be a timeless, classic one that goes down to the knees. Also it has to perfect accentuate your figure, so that you're feeling comfortable and sexy in it.



The Hermès Kelly Bag:

The Hermès Kelly is a pretty classic handbag. At Hermès you still have to wait 1 or 2 years before getting one. But you should have a look at https://www.vestiairecollective.com where you can buy vintage or used one and also a plus they are cheaper of course. Also all are controlled directly through Vestiaire and 100% original, so that you doesn't have to worry buying a fake one. The size 25 is perfect for every occasion like for example lunch meeting or cocktails with girls. It is not too big, but big enough to put all the necessary stuff in it. 































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