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The life of women in the management and how we all should stand up and stay together

Aktualisiert: Jan 5

Hi everyone,

like most of you know, I'm working in the middle management in a male-dominated sector for several years. And I can tell you that it isn't easy most of the time. And that isn't because the work is hard or stressful, it is because of the bad behavior of some male colleagues.

Why have women still to fight harder to get a good position, to get the same salary like the men or to apologize for working when they already have kids?

I've studied Business Engineering for machine construction, not a typical course of studies for a woman, I know. But that was my decision and I don't have to apologize. Am I right? But already during my studies I made the experience that some male professors and male fellow students don't like that women are studying a "male" course of studies?! , They don't even respect that or even think, that women are intelligent enough to achieve the university degree as an engineer.

During my different employments in different branches I have also made really bad experiences like other women are making every day as well, I think. I was accused by male colleagues that I only got the position as Head of department because I have had intimate contact with the right persons before. Also, some of my male colleagues felt free to do inappropriate comments or to cast inappropriate glances. Sometimes I really didn't know what to say or how to react. In some of my past jobs it was even so badly that I went to work with stomach ache. So at the end I quit the job and searched for a new job. But the worst of all experiences was in one company that the CEO made sexual allusions. He only wooed me from my other employer, hoping to get intimate contact in return??? So sure, as I realized that I told that the HR, but the manger of HR, that was a woman!!!, played it down like it would be my fault and that it is not that bad. Afterwards I went directly to a lawyer but he told me that it will be hard to prove, when HR already had played it so down and in Germany the burden of proof always lies with the victim???!!! Also the lawyer told me when I will go to court with that, I probably will have problems to get a new job. That is the reality in Germany for women.

During my last job search I also made the experience that I was laughed at by a HR specialist, how I could demand the same salary as a man. Aaaam đŸ€” "Why not?!! I shall do the same job as a man in your company!!" So of course, I declined the job offer.

I don't understand why people today are still thinking that women are not intelligent or tough enough to work in the management. Also one third of all DAX supervisory boards don't want to hire any women for the Top-Management. Furthermore, if you are happy to get nevertheless the job in the management, you won't earn the same salary like a man. Why? We are doing the same work like the men (some statistics are also demonstrating that we are doing the job better, especially in leadership positions). So why have we to be happy with less money?

No, we don't have!!!

So we should all stand up and fight together for our rights. Divide your stories with your colleagues, friends and why not, with the world wide web. And do not allow anyone to deal with you badly. We are earning the respect of the men and most of all that we have achieved the good position despite the obstacles. We can support each other and strengthen our backs. You don't have to live with that alone and to get over it on your own. And perhaps, your colleague has also might bad experiences and was too shy to say anything to anyone. So she will be lucky that she now has somebody to talk with. Don't be frightened to fight for your rights.

And I think, the men should support us, when they are loyal and having a good character and don't respect the men acting like that. We aren't taking anything away from them, we only want to get the same, as we are earning. Furthermore, there is enough for everyone out there.

I friend of mine told me not to write about my experiences, because you shouldn't talk about such an theme. And that is the problem why we still are not in the same position like a man and that they are still reacting like that towards women. Because we don't stand up for our rights. So stand up please. đŸ’ȘđŸ»

Write me your thinkings and experiences via email.

Hope to hear from you soon.

XOXO Carmen 😘

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