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The way to optimize your healthy lifestyle

Hi everyone,

do you also living a healthy lifestyle? Or are you trying to change something?

My mother teached me a healthy lifestyle since I was born. But since she got the diagnosis breast cancer in 1997, when I was just 17 years old, she also tried to find out more about food in general and to feed us even healthier. She also backed the bread with wholemeal flour on her own. And I can tell you, it was really delicious. Also there are foods out there which are big enemies of cancer like raspberries and beetroot. So she ate a lot of them and she also made a detoxification with self-made carrot juice and a lot more. Everything for her fight against cancer and it helped her somehow also to survive all the chemotherapies. And to live years longer then the doctors promised her. Sure, even a healthy lifestyle isn't a warranty to live forever and never get sick, but it helps you to get stronger and to shine from insight out.

Your skin, hair, nails and your whole well-being is a mirror of your nutrition. So, I'm still living a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and sport, like running, swimming or skiing. I love eating the fruits of the season and for breakfast a delicious Açai bowl and sometimes I eat also a Pizza, why no? You don't need to live a 100 % healthy lifestyle, it is all about a good mix and that you're feeling comfortable with it. That is the best way to stick to it.

Even, I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, I don't reach the amount of it, everyone need per day to get all the necessary nutrients. So I searched for another possibility to get the rest on a natural way without any chemistry. And I found it in Juice Plus. They are offering a lot of different natural products, but for me are the most important products the capsules of fruits, vegetables and berries. All the ingredients are harvested at the highest maturity level and then processed into powder in a way that no nutrients got lost. I'm taking two capsules of each, fruits, vegetables and berries every day. And I'm feeling stronger and more awake every day.

So if you also want to change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle or to optimize your already healthy lifestyle you should try these capsules. To buy them you can use the following link 👉🏻https://carmenjarawittich.juiceplus.com/de/de/shop/capsules/premium-capsules or you click on the pictures to directly get into the shop. There you will also find a lot of other excellent products.

For any more questions on the products please feel free to contact me.

XXX Carmen

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