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The story of my life

Part 1:

Before I will start to share fashion ideas with you I wanna tell you something more about me.

When I was 17 my mom got really sick. Breast cancer. First I didn't want to realize that it could happen to my mom. The loveliest, friendliest and generousliest person in the world and my best friend. It was really a tough time and I also didn't want my mom to see me crying. I wanted to be tough for her. To make her lough and have fun even when everything was terrifying. I went with my mom and dad to doctor meetings, to the chemotherapy and to the irradiation, when I wasn't in school or I had skived. Her whole fight against cancer had taken 8 years and she loosed. And to see this was indescribable horrible. In the last few month the cancer got into the brain of my mom. So she lost step by step her skills and short for the end she couldn't even speak or eat by herself. It still makes me cry to remember this time and I miss her so much. To talk with her, to lough with here, to hang out with her and to enjoy the life with her. With her I could share everything.

During this eight years I also had to realize that friends not are friends. I had a lot, girls who knew over years and had spent a lot of time with and shared all the details with that are important when you are a teenage girl, you understand. When my mom got sick no-one of them asked me how I feel or even helped to get through this time. But I still sticked with them until the day of the inhumation of my mom. No one of them came a long to encourage me. Sure my family was there and all the people who knew my mom and loved and esteemed her. But I can tell you I felt really alone this day in-between more than 200 people.

So I can tell you it isn't important to have a lot of friends who are only by your sight when everything is fine. It is only important to find these friends who are going through sick and thin with you...

XOXO Carmen